The tortoise wins the marathon, but there are quick-wins for the hare.


SEO isn’t just about ranking first on Google. It’s about satisfying the intent and needs of potential customers through quality content and engaging experiences. It’s about building your site’s reputation with both users and search engines alike. Below are the SEO services we provide.


Market & Keyword Research

Audience research - upstream/downstream traffic

Identify search terms based on intent & interests

Extensive keyword research using various tools

Competitive analysis


On-Page Audit

Search and site experience for SEO

Search appearance and rankings

Content and user intent gaps

On page SEO (page titles, meta descriptions, schemas, image alt tags etc)

Content user experience

Site performance (ie speed)

User engagement (bounce rate, time on site, pages per session)

Site authority and links


Technical Audit

URLs Structure

robots.txt file and no follows

HTML, CSS, 404 errors and broken links


Structured data for search engines

Open graph

Duplicate content


Site performance (page load speed)


Internal and outbound linking

Site authority and backlinks

Server log analysis

Site migrations (content, URL, CMS, theme, domain)

SEO for JavaScript sites & SPAs (Singe Page Applications)

Auditing JavaScript for SEO

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) & Progressive Web Apps (PWA)


Content Strategy

Competitive analysis

Content and keyword gap analysis

Content strategy and planning

Blog review and engagement

Content marketing – niche influencer and blog outreach planning for backlinks

Publication – all major CMS

Content recommendations – topics, article structure and web design

Backlink gap analysis


Local SEO

Ranking in Google Search local search results pack

Citation website management of business name, address, and phone numbers.

Content marketing – niche influencer and blog outreach planning for backlinks


International SEO

URL structure for multiple languages

International keyword research for multi-regional and multilingual consumer markets.

Correct markup (hreflang) for language and regional URLs

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